Somerset Ward deserves to have livable and dynamic neighbourhoods where residents of all ages can live, work and play. As your Councillor, I will: 
  • Advocate for high-quality, durable, and accessible sidewalks to prevent tripping and make it safer for those with mobility issues.
  • Propose that all building construction sites that involve pedestrian areas submit a detailed accessibility plan to the community before construction begins, so that pedestrians have safe access to sidewalks.

  • Push for effective and swift solutions to solve our housing crisis in Somerset Ward using the broad array of municipal tools such as Inclusionary Zoning, greater investment in public housing, promoting supportive housing solutions, encouraging the establishment of co-operative housing, and working with private landlords to keep and expand the supply of rental housing. 
  • Propose doubling the number of comfortable and inclusive public benches in Somerset Ward by 2026 so residents of all ages and abilities have a place to sit, to converse, to connect, and to relax. 

  • Promote the rapid transformation of neglected public spaces into areas that can be used for farmers markets, music, and community events. 

  • Support the expansion of Plouffe Park and the Plant Bath Recreation Centre to better serve the growing community along Preston Street.  

  • Advocate for the continued IT modernization of the city’s recreation program sign-up process, so that Somerset Ward residents don’t spend hours on the computer booking swimming lessons.