Residents of Somerset Ward deserve to have a community with more trees, parks, and greenspace that create a greener and healthier community for all. As your Councillor, I will: 
  • Promote the reduction of diesel emissions in Somerset Ward by recommending the gradual phase-out of diesel buses in the urban core in favour of electric buses.

  • Push for the creation of more parkettes in Centretown so that residents have greenspace to enjoy.

  • Fight to preserve and protect the existing tree canopy and support the planting of new trees. 

  • Incorporate green infrastructure on all new residential street repairs and renewals from planning stages to construction. Advocate for increased pollinator plants in our parks and public spaces, including community gardens and innovations like “Buzz Stops” which transform the roof of bus shelters into pollinator gardens.

  • Recommend that council create the position of a City of Ottawa Chief Heat Officer, who would be responsible for crafting and implementing heat mitigation strategies for Ottawa residents.