Ottawa’s downtown core is in crisis. With the emergence of hybrid work, a downtown originally designed for Monday to Friday, 9-5 office workers will face gradual decline if we do not act immediately. We need to revitalize the downtown core by increasing housing, shops, and services to create a dynamic and diverse neighbourhood where people can live, work, and play. As your Councillor, I will: 
  • Collaborate with our federal government, the NCC, and other stakeholders to create a dynamic and diverse neighbourhood.

  • Encourage the transformation of empty office buildings into housing and emphasizing the creation of affordable housing.

  • Reexamine municipal zoning regulations and property tax policies to encourage the development of shops and services like retail, grocery, and hardware stores to serve the growing downtown community. 

  • Promote artistic and cultural opportunities to help transform the downtown core. 

  • Reduce bureaucratic bottlenecks to transform underused or vacant spaces into microparks, creative streetscapes, and dynamic event locales throughout the core.
  • Advocate for long-term investment to make the downtown core livable at street level, including larger sidewalks, accessible public spaces, comfortable seating, public restrooms, more greenery, interesting public art, and sensible tree-planting programs.