Over the past few years, we have seen a decline in the cleanliness of streets and the upkeep of our neighbourhood. Far too often we see overflowing garbage cans, litter covering the street and sidewalks, and derelict and damaged civic infrastructure. As your Councillor, I will: 
  • Push City Council to expropriate Somerset House and turn this derelict building into a community hub with meeting and office space for local nonprofits and community groups.

  • Deal with current and future derelict buildings by advocating for a forceful vacant commercial building bylaw, one that forces owners to pay significant fees for boarded up and derelict commercial buildings.

  • Work to increase funding for public garbage collection and street sweeping, to prevent overflowing trash cans and dirty streets. 

  • Press for more funding for urban park upkeep and renewal, with faster replacement of damaged benches and broken equipment.